A Champagne’s river runs through it…

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The Marne Valley is a fabulous Champagne region! It’s not only because the famous Jean de la Fontaine spent time in this region but also because its geological DNA has specific features.

The Champagne wines of this region’s wine growers show a common uniqueness which is obtained thanks to the clay and the limestone from the nearby Marne river close to each vineyard.

The unmistakable intimacy of this valley, with its steep landscapes flanking countless hills, fully embodies the wine growers’ houses where these alchemists are passionate about Champagne.

Here, the Meunier grape variety prevails, in a unique combination of soil and micro-climate. It’s velvety black grape gives to the wine batches of the Marne Valley generosity, fruity and floral notes, body, and lightness, in a reflection of the whole region.

The wine growers of the festival “Champagne and You” are rich in their experience due to the creation 4 years ago of the Champagne Region Wine Festival “Champagne and You!”, and the success of their first 2016 Printemps des Champagnes (Champagne Spring). They represent the assets of their Champagne Region, that is located only 1 hour from Paris, and they give you the opportunity to discover the region’s special features.

This year, 12 dedicated wine growers await you to taste their cuvées chosen especially for you.

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